Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I cheap??

I am 13. I only have an income from my allowance. Every couple of weeks I get 20$ from cleaning the kitchen every other day, and sweeping the whole down stairs once a week. For Christmas I bought my stepdad a tie from the dollar store, my 2 best friends both a $5 cactus and I still have to buy at minimum 7 more presents. Oh boyy....

Am I cheap??
You are only thirteen so you are not obligated to get anyone a present because you are not even old enough to hold down a job. And remember Christmas isn't about getting presents and how much you spend on people. Its about celebrating family, friends, and the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Just remember that. You are not cheap at all. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. :0)
Reply:Not cheap, but a bad gift you couldve gotten better gifts for $5...♥
Reply:I'm 34yrs, and my son had 30$, he got HIM SELF A GAME, ( for more then $17.

and give me the other $12. and some cents to buy his gifts.. and YES I WAS MAD AT HIM. but he is only 12 so it's all good I'm glad that he learning to give. your young, and they will love your gifts
Reply:It sounds alittle cheap. 1$ tie? A cactus? i think your dad and friends deserve more than that.
Reply:You aren't cheap, but I am surprised that your parents didn't give you extra money to buy Christmas gifts. And at your age, I would not buy friends presents, but just stick to family.
Reply:Taylor I do not think you are cheap if at 13 you have managed to save out of your own pocket the money to buy presents. I think you sound like a kind and generous person.
Reply:Nah, sounds like you are making do with what you have. Nothing wrong with that, keep on gettin... have fun
Reply:No i dont think you are being cheap,You are simply doing the best you can for the amount of money you have and being only 13. I'm sure your step dad will love the tie since its from you.What I would suggest is if you are buying more gifts ,nothing wrong with going to the $1 store just think a little about what each person would like and I'm sure you will find something( body lotions,bath salts,flashlights, even a pretty kitchen towel,etc}.. My kids (13,11, and 4) go there every year and buy gifts for each other and they always love them..Good Luck and Merry Christmas to you!
Reply:don't sweat it, yes you are cheap
Reply:Unfortunately, todays society has become rather on the chaper side, but if you ask me, the only way to "win" at christmas time is to buy other people gifts that are cheaper than what they got you.. haha... wink ;)

but yes, you are kinda cheap
Reply:don't let these materialistic people down you. With that allowance, I'm suprised you're getting anybody anything at all. I believe your dad will love that tie, no matter where you got it. Its not about the money you spend, its the thought of giving. You don't have much to give, but it looks as if your doing the best you can!! I give you high five and major props for that. Have a Merry Christmas!!
Reply:i think the cactus thing is cute..

tie is kinda funny lol

If that's all you get, you can only spend what you have.

Maybe try asking your parents to borrow a little money to spend for the holidays, and they can take it off of your next allowance.

Try babysitting a little bit, next year, ahead of time and save up some money.

Do some extra chores.

But anywyas, Christmas isn't about just the gifts, so if your family and friends don't understand that then they are not very... nice :D

I think it's fine though.

You know... and you can always make some presents.

Get a picture of you with your friends or family or whatever and get a couple cheap frames and decorate them.

Those are always fun, easy, cheap, and fun to get.
Reply:cheap?!?! omg u are so kind to give your stepdad a tell u the truth,in singapore(thats where i live) teenagers around your age and my age(16) don't give presents to our parents or i think its really nice of you.a tie or a hankerchief is a usual present for a men.

i know gifts are something that comes from your heart but a $1 tie? That's very low quality...

Try to get your dad a gift set that has 1 shirt %26amp; tie in it or a perfume set, most of them are $20.

I make $3 a week %26amp; I clean the dishes every weekday %26amp; as I total this year, I made $70 but I used it all up to buy candy kanes %26amp; cards from my friends %26amp; to some ppl %26amp; I bought my mom LOTS of presents but I didn't buy my dad anything yet....I don't really like him.
Reply:Yes you are cheap =/. You should've saved up money. Thats what I did, I was about to buy myself these $120 sneakers but instead I bought my friends presents. I really hope they like them. No matter what im sure your friends and stepdad will love what you got them even tho they a lil cheesy.


Help with a tree?

I need to plant a tree in my front yard. the people at the stores don't seem 2 know their cactus from a bush. I need a tree that when full grown is medium in size, colorful and does not lose it's leaves in winter. I don't want it to be super messy if it has blooms, but blooms would be nice! :-) I DO NOT want a Christmas tree type of tree please. Any recommendations would be great! From tree huggers especially haha ???? :-)

Help with a tree?
Something like a Wichita Blue Juniper would be something to consider. It grows up to 12-15 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide.Has blue-green foliage all year. It's an evergreen and is low maintenance, Medium growth rate. Zoned for 3-7.
Reply:Viburnum varieties are generally evergreen, have small pinkish white flowers in winter. Grows quite slowly but becomes a small tree. Look up "viburnum" and "tree" on google to make sure you get a tree-ish one, because some varieties of viburnum are more a small shrub.

Hibuscus titilaicus (not sure of spelling of the second word) , also called hibiscus cottonwood. Attractive round dark green purplish leaves, fast growing, evergreen, yellow flowers, flowers mostly in summer. Grows to about 6m tall, quite spreading. Very little leaf drop. I have one in my yard.

I'm in a hot part of australia, winter doesn't get to freezing so I'm not sure if these plants are ok in freezing cold?

There are some great tree books at most libraries, great for getting ideas and knowing what you're planting, good luck... are not going to find a tree that fits that description.

All those gorgeous, colorful, bloom producing trees are deciduous, meaning that they lose their leaves in the fall. Evergreens such as spruce, pine trees, arborvitae, Leland Cyprus which don't lose their needles are all Christmas tree-ish. There is a holly tree called the "Nellie Stevens Holly" which grows about 25 feet and might work. It has deep green holly like leaves with gorgeous red berries and it's evergreen.
Reply:I don't know if there available where you are but tibouchina trees are really beautiful if you are in a moderate climate.

There are a few varieties which are actually named after the daughters of the guy who first made them popular.

They are evergreen, have beautiful purple flowers from spring to early autumn (even longer in subtropical areas) %26amp; depending on the variety you get they range in size from 2 metres to about 10.
Reply:Crepe Myrtle blooms late summer

Rose of Sharon

McDonald's or Diner Burgers ?

I have been to the mountain top of diner burgers. And

they taste very, very good ! There is a store chain

in the Southeastern US, called Huddle House. And they

are incredible, indeed. Love those slap it together

sandwhiches. You know with all the juices, melted cheese,

and crispy lettuce hanging out. Reminds me of the

Thick Burger from Hardees..... A real meal, for a real

human being. Not the mini burger from Mickey D's.

And the taste is on again, off again. So I was wondering.

How about them good ol diner masterpieces, you get around

town. Like way out there, in the middle of the desert

type sh*t. With cactus plants and wolves.....

McDonald's burgers or Diner burgers ? Best one wins. ~~~

Merry Christmas. ~~~

McDonald's or Diner Burgers ?
there is this little diner where i live in rougemont is called the speedway cafe.they have the most biggest, the most juiciest, the most sloppiest and yummiest burgers this side of the south!!!
Reply:Diner Burgers
Reply:lol. you mean 'hamburger shacks;? that type of thing? well yea I would prefer to take a chance on a place like that then eat crap form McDonalds. especially if I am on a road trip :) sometimes those places are the best hidden secrets!
Reply:Diners for sure. McDonalds is horrible. Carl's Jr. Six dollar burger is the best fastfood burger. Best chain restaurant burger would have to be Fuddruckers.
Reply:Diner burgers. McD's makes my least favorite burger.
Reply:Im with you all the way..Diner burgers are mostly always the way you like them..

Huddle house? Isnt that like waffle house? Seems like i have heard of them somewhere along the way.
Reply:i think mc donalds as they have many Burger choices and they taste good, especially big mac... lol merry xmas to you to..
Reply:well iono diner burgers but from wath u said DINER BURGERS ALL DAY SWEETIE!!!
Reply:McDonald's, of course. Because of the crack they put in their food!!
Reply:Diner burgers please.

I love burgers at Hardees though.

McDonalds has okay burgers but no one beats the burgers at diners.
Reply:I never heard of Diner Burgers....I think Macdonalds
Reply:You are right....DINER BURGERS ALL THE WAY!

I like them cuz they have buns that you can taste, and actually fill you up...have fresh vegetables, etc etc
Reply:i just rather a turkey burger ...
Reply:Diner burgers please
Reply:I will always go to a Mom %26amp; Pop's diner all day long and twice on Sunday before going to a fast food place. It's all about the love for the food they serve. If the food sucks, they know that their business will close. If you are on business you can find out so much more about what's going on in the town at a diner than at Mickey's or BK.

Fast food places say they care if your food or service was bad but they could care less. But the small places care because they are not franchises and this is "their business %26amp; reputation". That means alot.
Reply:White Castle.
Reply:The best restaurant burgers are always in the local diners.
Reply:I don't know about you, but I think Red Robin tops all burgers. McDonalds burgers aren't thick and the meat is dry (it's hard to tell from all the fat and grease added into the burger). I'm not sure if you are talking about Diner Burgers as a restaurant or just a typical dine burger. But Red Robin definitely tops both McDonalds because it specializes in selling gourmet burgers, yum. Plus if you go on their site you can even interactively customize your own burger and see what it would look like before you buy it, lol. It's fun. Here's the link, check it out.
Reply:Diner Burgers
Reply:diner burgers are the best they are made to order
Reply:Diner burgers all the way.

Diner burgers are made to order. If you want a real burger, you don't go to McDonald's--you head to a diner for a burger with all the fixin's on the side, some fries and the onion ring they give you.
Reply:Diner burgers for sure. I love going to an actual restaurant and getting a nice big burger with everything on it. You just can't beat it. I rarely eat fast food anyways. Diner burgers are the best.
Reply:I prefer food!

Is it just me or were cacti very popular in the 70s?

No matter which Summer Fayre, autumn Fayre, Christmas Fayre, Jumble Sale etc you went to, there was always a plant stall and they sold cacti.

I had eight little ones at one point and named them after the cast of Blake's Seven (plus Servalan)

Is it just me or were cacti very popular in the 70s?
We had a lot of cacti when I was young in the 60s. At my 17th birthday party someone found my brother's airgun and shot a hole through the biggest section of the prickly pear (opuntia). I had new interests by then so I wasn't too upset.
Reply:cacti, spider plants and those big paper round light shades
Reply:Very true! We never had any, but my friend down the road had the glass jar with lots of them in, plus a few others around the place.

A few years back, I did have a Venus fly trap, but it didn't last long, it didn't stand a chance with big blue bottles.
Reply:Yes, i agree cacti was popular in the 70`s, the same now as well.
Reply:I still have mine
Reply:I used to collect them too. I was a child during the 70s and they are the easiest plant to look after. lol xx
Reply:Yes, they were. 70's and 80's too still I think. Then somehow it waned, I hardly see any nowadays at the flower shop.
Reply:No, Duuuuuuudette, it's just you! YOU were very popular in the 70's!
Reply:Yes they were lovely. So were those pictures made out of nails with sparkly string wound round them.

But sometimes we just have to "let go".
Reply:It's new thing for me.
Reply:They still are,aren't they?
Reply:yea,dont see them as much,and i love em
Reply:I never had cacti in the 70s because I was a kid then.However,I did have cactus gardens in the 80s and 90s.I always thought cacti were kind of cool, plus they're easy to take care of because they rarely need water and are hardy.I always enjoyed seeing cacti in the desert,especially the saguaro in Arizona.
Reply:they were popular hun, my mum had a few
Reply:Yes they were.
Reply:Yes, I had lots of cacti. My dad even bought me a large glass mushroom terrarium full of them.
Reply:yep, they were VERY popular in the 70s. you could buy them in the grocery store, as i recall.

What is the Mexican holiday celebrated on Janurary 4th or 6th?

Like their Christmas or something, they have a bread/pastry thing with cactus on top, I also need to know the name of that bread.

What is the Mexican holiday celebrated on Janurary 4th or 6th?
Dia de los Reyes Magos. it's epiphany. The three kings stop by and leave gifts for the children. The bread is called Rosca de Reyes.
Reply:the bread is called a rosca and its for the "dia de los reyes" holiday.
Reply:January 6th is Dia de los Reyes Magos.

On the night of the 5th, the children leave a shoe outside, by the main entrance of the house.

The morning of 6th they collect the gifts and treats that "Los Reyes" brought for them.

The gifts symbolize the gifts that the 3 Wise Men brought Baby Jesus.

The Rosca de Reyes is a pastry that we eat on that day.

It has a hidden plastic baby somewhere in the middle.

The person who gets the baby, will have prosperity that year.

In my hometown we have a big Dia de los Reyes Party, at someones home, who ever gets the baby from the Big Rosca; will throw the party the next year. Only responsible adults are allowed to participate to ensure their commitment.


Hav u evr heard this song?

under the western sky under the western stars christmas is comin round the bind. here with our cactus trees her with our tumbleweeds here with our famlys amn our friends. the mountains in the distance r covered all in snow its the most exciting christmas that u could evr now yipi i oh yo christmas in the west is the best .... hav u evr heard it???

Hav u evr heard this song?
"Christmas In The West" by Theresa Jennings
Reply:Not 100 percent on this but...maybe 80 percent

I think its called "Everyday is Christmas in the West". If it's the song I'm thinkin of it was sung by Don Edwards and come out in the early to mid 90's (93-96)
Reply:no can't say I have
Reply:lol i have but i totally forgot what its called

Whats the worst present your have ever received?

Mine was a plastic cactus type lamp which I received for Christmas from a family member, completely crap I dumped it at a charity shop the following week, I feel kind of guilty about it now.

Whats the worst present your have ever received?
toothpaste %26amp; a car vacuum hoover - for my 21st birthday from my parents. Oh what a birthday that was.
Reply:One of those pocket books made out of Kool-Aid Jammers. I'm 17, not 12! What it was, was that she didn't really care and decided to pick something up. But it's the thought that counts isn't it? Nah!
Reply:Ah, one of those ugly chia plant/planter things. Sort of grossed me out as it grew and then died.
Reply:A ugly purse.
Reply:its the thought that counts...sometimes. lol
Reply:i get pepsi or mountain dew shirts every birthday or christmas from my aunt becuase she works for them. totally lame
Reply:years ago all my mother in law wanted for Christmas was a warm flannel night gown. So all 4 children ended her giving her a flannel night gown. The next year at Christmas I got back the one we had given her!
Reply:for my last birthday my in-laws got me this god awful knockoff dooney and burke purse that they bought in mexico while on vacation, and it just so happened to be every color that isn't included in my wardrobe (pink, yellow, eggshell blue, brown, ect). i don't even like dooney and burke purses, i'm not even a designer label kind of gal to begin with. i also work for them, so i HAD to actually use it for a couple weeks so i wouldn't hurt their feelings, then i lied and said that the strap broke.
Reply:one I got lotion form my father that i was allergic to. I also got a baby book... and I was 12
Reply:A pair of my grandfathers old painting shoes.......they got a kick out of it. I didn't
Reply:A fake chicken. With real chicken feathers.
Reply:i think socks and underware followed by more crap!!!!!!
Reply:Well it was a tie made of silk but it was blue and pink flowers on it.but i never told the one that gave it to me it was out ther because she hand made it for me for x-mas.I still have it and it has he name in it that it was hand made for me.its bad but it could have been worse she could have had me wear it.Also it played x-mas songs .Maybe someday i will give to one of my sons.?
Reply:Dinner set for baby. And it was for my wedding! Duh!
Reply:a turtle neck sweater, a really heavy thick one. given by my mother in law right after i told her i couldn't wear anything on my neck anymore because of hot flashes...another time my hubby bought me a bra about 4 sizes too big, lol...wishful thinking i guess.
Reply:lol good question! My grandmother is always giving people gag gifts, its just her thing. Well she gave me a rubber chicken stress ball thing. Its a chicken, that you squeeze when you are stressed. I said, oh nice gag gift Mom-Mom! She said "oh this isn't your gag gift!" and she got upset. So yeah that would be the worst present I gotten.

PS. The "gag" gift she gave me was a stupid spider
Reply:some weird pjs... its weird!
Reply:A girlfriend once got me a tub of animal crackers - I was 23 yrs old at the time and didn't know why she got me that....along with it was a lighter - and I don't smoke.
Reply:one year I was working for this company and we all got fruitcakes, and no bonuses, so I guess that we all had been bad.
Reply:I was 8 months pregnant one Christmas and my then husband got me a sweater that was obviously way too small. It was cute, too, and I would have worn it. But, even when I'm not pregnant, I'm not that small.
Reply:That'd be a tie between the "quilt" my grandmother gave me, which was made of really garish purple and lime green squares of POLYESTER that would not warm a hamster and an adolescent DUCK a couple of my idiot pals of the time presented to me while I was doing a live radio show. Yeah, I really needed either of those like I need a third buttock!


Reply:I can not think of one bad present I ever received. A present is about the thought, you've heard this before. The plant was maybe all this person could give and they felt that it was something better than nothing. I hope someone else who can appreciate it will get it, then, you realize, it would have come from you...
Reply:my grandma bought my 20 year old brother a fiber optic christmas tree that he really has no use for.
Reply:I got a second hand teddy bear that was suppossed to be white but it was more like yellow and it stunk.
Reply:never a bad present, its FREE. appreciate the simple things in life
Reply:Dollar store nick-nacks. I HATE nick-nacks.
Reply:An iron from my mom. I think she was trying to give me a hint. My idea of ironing is throwing the clothes in the dryer. I also got a cell phone charger from my hubby for a type of cell phone I don't even own.
Reply:NUTS......why the heck do I need nuts?? I don't even eat nuts becuase ever since I had braces a few years ago I don't eat them anymore I was so upset when I got them
Reply:a sparkley portrait of a lighthouse.