Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bitter Apple for cats?

I had just recently moved in with my grandma and I have a cat. The problem is, my grandma is a gardener and she has a lot of indoor plants that are poisonous to cats. They are high up on window sills, shelves and everything so I didn't figure this would be a problem. This morning, I saw my cat trying to eat a christmas cactus. but I stopped her before she even got to lick it. I told my grandma about bitter apple and she thinks it is a great idea.

Will bitter apple really work? Will it kill her plants? Also, she said she may want to use it outside so the outdoor cats and rabbits don't eat her plants that okay too?

Please let me know, thank you!

Bitter Apple for cats?
I can't imagine it would be toxic to the plants, but I don't know for certain.

Cats aren't supposed to like citrus, you could put orange or lemon peels around the plants to deter the cat.
Reply:My cat eats absolutely anything he can get in his mouth and the bitter apple did not work. He licked it! I found an alarm that you set on something you don't want your cat to get on. At the first "feel" that your cat has gotten onto the forbidden place, it emits a high pitch sound. That didn't work for my cat either. He wanted to hear it and see what was making the noise. The only thing I found that really works is called Sscat. It is a can that sprays out non toxic spray whenever anything comes in front of it. He doesn't like the spray sound.

I got it from a pet website, but I think that other vet websites have it too. Good luck with your kitty.
Reply:Bitter Apple is not toxic to plants, so your grandma and yourself need not worry about hurting the plants. If she's going to use it outside, she will have to re-apply it every day as watering will wash away the spray. Citrus peels are also a good way to deter cats from eating plants, as they don't like the scent. Putting tin foil around where the plants are is also a good way to keep cats away, they don't seem to like the crinkling of the foil on their paws.

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