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How can I get rid of...........?

these little gnats that are flying around my plant?? It's a Christmas Cactus and the plant is very healthy. It does appear the bugs are coming from that plant though. Is there a safe and environmnet friendly way I can do away with them without harming that plant and the other ones in the vacinity??

How can I get rid of...........?
Soil or fungus gnats fly around and annoy you. They live in the plant soil --especially if the soil if kept moist. Once the soil dries on the top layer they can no longer survive there. They don't live long, so usually drying out the top layer of a plant will take care of the problem.
Reply:I dont know if this was suggested, but i would treat the soil if its potted, Nats are attracted to the moister, sometimes if you over water and let it sit, nats will infest it. if its indoors, i would use a PCO fogger and dry up everything!
Reply:Fungus gnats live off the fungus that grows on the surface of potted plants; they're often a big problem for African violet growers, in particular. One of the best solutions I know of for the little stinkers is Safer's Insecticidal Soap, which works very well as a soil drench. You might be able to get it near your home; if not, I'm including a link to a violet grower in Denver that sells supplies.

Someone above mentioned diatomaceous earth; that's also a good solution, but one that you should not use if you or anyone in your household is allergic to seafood.
Reply:Go to the hardware store or a plant store %26amp; purchase Seven powder %26amp; sprinkle plant %26amp; dirt with it according to directions.
Reply:Fungus gnats are often a problem whenever plants are being overwatered.

Fungus gnats commonly damage plants and their larvae feed on roots and stunt the growth of plants. The larvae will chew on roots, the larvae or adults can spread plant pathogens and could leave the plants prone to diseases.

Female fungus gnats lay tiny eggs in moist organic debris or potting soil.

Following are two methods you can control them without spraying;

You can deter their egg-laying by putting a 1/4-inch layer (or more) of fine sand on the top of your potting soil. The sand acts as a deterrent to the laying of eggs by fungus gnat adults--providing a physical barrier between the adults and the moist media where they usually lay their eggs.

The alternative method is to sprinkle some diatomaceous earth over the entire top of the potting mix... this will kill the larvae as they emerge.

Hope this works for you! Good luck!

-Certified Professional Crop Advisor with over 30 years of experience and a Degree in Plant Science
Reply:My grandmother says dishsoap and water in a spray bottle works for her.
Reply:spray the cactus with a soapy water kills the bugs and is harmless to the plant....

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