Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where can I but Christmas Cactus?

Home depots and Lowes stores have them.

Most anywhere that sells potted plants will have them around Christmas. Your local nursery is also a good place to find them flowering.

Where can I but Christmas Cactus?
I was at Walmart on Friday %26amp; saw an entire section of them in various colors.

or try a local garden center.
Reply:Buy? They will be coming out at a store nearest you soon.
Reply:thre will be a christmas fair at east coast park marine cove oppsite madonald fast food from 23/11-feb 2007 selling from christmas tree plotted plant, cactus ,gift,christmas card,cookies at very reasonable price .the name of the bus cart is call ming's christmas fair.
Reply:Wal Mart has them.
Reply:at a nursery or a garden center at a department store.if you have a friend that has one,you can cut a part of it off and plant it and it will grow.

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