Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why isn't my Christmas Cactus blooming?

It always blooms at this time of year. It doesn't even have blooms

Why isn't my Christmas Cactus blooming?
To coax blooming, it must be kept in total darkness for 8 hrs. Put it in a closet at night (even street lights will affect it). Bring it out in the morning and take care of as usual.
Reply:If it's a true Xmas cactus, it's too early. Those you see in bloom in the stores now are Thanksgiving cacti.

It's easy to tell the difference: The T'giving cactus leaves have points on the segments, the Xmas cactus are rounded.

Hope that helps!
Reply:make sure you give it fertilizer from now on
Reply:Its November 22.
Reply:It hates you alot. Just kidding!
Reply:uh oh!!! ours is full bloom... is it in sun? do you give it enough water when its time?!
Reply:Have you moved it from where it usually lives?

I keep mine in near the window and I give it water when it looks sad and dry. mine is in full bloom

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